Blair and Kristen Hendrick
With the birth of our first child came the normal feelings of immense love and thus protection that all parents have when choosing a place to entrust the care of their children.  Having a child with Cystic Fibrosis intensified our protective parental instincts. The required extra precautions and accommodations made choosing a daycare even more difficult for us.  Read Full Testimonial >>

Daniel and Kendall Latham

As a parent looking at child care facilities for your child, a million thoughts run through your head:  “Can I leave my child all day?  Will they treat my child like their own?  What really happens during the day?  What happens if my child gets hurt?  What will they teach my child?”  The list goes on and on and on. From our very first visit to Tabernacle, my husband and I knew we could put all of our worries behind us as each staff member treats our children like their very own.   Read Full Testimonial>>

Emmett and Michelle Ballard
When it comes to my children,  if they are happy, I am happy.  I want them to feel comfortable, loved, supported, and nurtured.  They get all of this and more at Tabernacle.  EVERY employee there knows their names ... Read Full Testimonial>>

Andrew and Nathalie Cairrikier
There were many things that drew us to Tabernacle such as recommendations from coworkers and positive reviews but it was the warm staff that helped us decide it was the right choice for us.

Candice Kane
Some people say it takes a village to raise a child. In our opinion that certainly reigns true. Our village and support system includes more than just family and friends. It also includes each person who makes Tabernacle such a special, safe and caring place ...  Read Full Testimonial>>

Stevie Miller
Every day that I drop her off she smiles ear to ear, and when I pick her up that smile has not left her face. She is learning more than I thought even possible at her age. See Full Testimonial>>

Angela McAuley
"I love that the school is a locked facility, with special codes to only let employees and parents in.  Safety is a top priority, and knowing that Evie is safe is a comfort." Read Full Testimonial>>

Rebecca Wagner
"It is now to the point that Jax does not want to go home. Apparently, Tabernacle is way more fun than home!" Read Full Testimonial>>

Nikki Carpenter
"Tabernacle Learning Center truly lives up to its initials, TLC.  They provide children the most Tender, Loving Care and give parents a peace of mind knowing our little ones are in good hands each day."

Heather Clontz
"Daniel has thrived at Tabernacle.  He has always enjoyed going to school and calls it 'my daycare.'''

Patrick and Bonnie McMarray
"The greatest blessing we have experienced through Tabernacle is the relationships! Since day one, our children have felt connected to their teachers. They aren’t just supervising adults; they are engaging, loving, and encouraging personalities who passionately and creatively teach our children.'' Read Full Testimonial>>

Emily Poplin

"We appreciate Tabernacle’s way to provide our children with an ideal mix of academics, love, discipline, fun, safety, and Christian values that my husband and I want for our daughter for years to come..." Read Full Testimonial > 

Denise Kunkleman

"We can tell that Benjamin’s experience at Tabernacle throughout the day is a positive and loving one. It was exactly what we were looking for!"  Read Full Testimonial >

Dolph and Veronica Janis

"Our decision was easy, Tabernacle it is! Our experience has been very positive. We have always felt Samantha is in great hands while we are at work. We knew from day one that we could visit with her any time. We both have visited several times, and we have witnessed the wonderful ..." Read Full Testimonial >l

Chris and Anita Wallace

"I never worry about the safety of my children while my husband and I are working.  I think it is great that Tabernacle has installed the security feature that will only allow individuals to enter the school/daycare with a pass code.   I know our children are protected and loved by such a godly staff."  Read Full Testimonial >