Parents’ Corner - Heather Clontz

   Daniel began attending Tabernacle when he was around 6 months old.  I (Heather) was returning to work.  As all parents do, we agonized over the place to send our son.  We wanted him in a caring and loving environment.  Tabernacle was recommended to us by a coworker and when we visited Tabernacle we knew that we had the right place!  

   It is hard for us to believe that our son Daniel has been attending Tabernacle Learning Center for four years.  Daniel began in the nursery with Ms. Wendy and Ms.  Dee Dee.  He was constantly loved and encouraged.  He was taken care of as if he was one of their children.  Next he went to the toddler room with Ms. Sandra. There he began to learn to say a blessing, eat on his own and play with his friends. After that he stepped up to K2 with Ms. Deb.  He started to learn about shapes and numbers and letters. Then came K3 with Ms. Dee Dee again.  He started to write his own name, put sounds to the letters and develop friendships with his fellow classmates.  Now Daniel is in K4 and he is in Ms. Missy’s room and everyday he tells us something new that he has learned.  We also appreciated the way that Tabernacle incorporates its Christian values into teaching the children.  We really enjoy hearing our son quote a Bible verse!   Along with the academic part, Daniel has also enjoyed the other fun activities like parties, water fun days, and visits from a fire truck, ambulance and police car.  The staff really try to enhance the learning experience with special activities.

   We really enjoy the Tadpoles updates.  It has been wonderful to get pictures or videos throughout the day.  At the end of the day we get an update of what they did and what they learned.  

   Daniel has thrived at Tabernacle.  He has always enjoyed going to school and calls it “my daycare.”  Once when he was sick I told him he could not go that day.  He cried and really wanted to go.  This type of reaction only comes because he knows that he is safe and cared for at Tabernacle.  We are so happy we chose to send Daniel to Tabernacle and have been so blessed by the staff and teachers.  

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