Parent Perk Points


We appreciate our loyal parents.  Many of our children are entrusted with us from 6 weeks of age all the way through graduating high school.  We realize parents making that commitment are interested in the total development of their child: mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Most of our parents are telling their friends how happy they are with our “Tender Loving Childcare.”  Many people have come to our child care center based upon the referral of a friend who is extremely pleased with the well rounded care their child is receiving. 


We wanted to design a way that we could say “Thank You” to our parents for their loyalty to THEIR child care center.  We are now giving all our parents TLC Points.


How do I get points?


  1. Doing what you have always done.  You automatically receive points by simply doing what you have always done, paying your child care bill.  Each dollar spent on child care will earn 1 point.  If your child care bill is $140 each week, you will accumulate 140 points.  Just think, in 4 weeks you will have earned 560 points for some great prizes.
  2. Referring people who come take a tour.  If someone comes to take a tour of our child care services and says that YOU sent them here, you will receive 300 bonus points to your account.  (We have referral cards you can give out.  When people present the card with your name written on it, you will get the points).
  3. Referring people who ENROLL their children.  If a child is enrolled full-time and stays here for 5 weeks, you will get an additional 3,000 bonus points PER CHILD.  If the person you referred has 2 children you just earned 6,000 bonus points toward some pretty nice prizes.  Not only that, but the person you referred will receive 3,000 bonus points per child as well on their 5th week. (People must let us know who referred them to our child care center for them to receive these bonus points).
  4. Participating in our Annual BBQ.  You receive 1 point per dollar turned in to the office for tickets sold.  If you sold 20 tickets at $8, you will have earned 160 bonus points.
  5. Promotional Points.   From time to time, we will have promotions of things that we believe will help our childcare.  We will let you know exactly what you need to do to earn the points as we present promotions to you.


What kind of prizes will I receive?

    • $25 Gift Card (Walmart, Belk, Sears) - 3,500 points

    • “Date night” with $40 cash PLUS FREE childcare for enrolled children (5,000 points)  We will have a schedule of many available nights that you can exercise this opportunity.  We will keep your enrolled children from 6:00 – 9:30 for absolutely FREE!


    • 1 Free Week of child care (20,000 points)


    • 2 Free Weeks of  child care (30,000 points)