Parents' Corner-Andrew and Nathalie Cairrikier

Choosing someone to watch our daughter is something that my spouse and I took very seriously - as any parent would. There were many things that drew us to Tabernacle such as recommendations from coworkers and positive reviews; however, it was the warm staff that helped us decide it was the right choice for us.

We were worried that Harper would have trouble transitioning to her new daycare but those worries were eased on the first day. The wonderful staff made sure we got extra pictures and updates through the Tadpoles app that day, which was very comforting.  Even today, months later, we get several updates throughout the day that not only let us know that she's doing well but also put a smile on our faces. It's also comforting that little notes will be attached that really show the care and compassion that the staff feels towards the children.

We really could not recommend a better daycare for other parents. Our daughter has thrived at Tabernacle:  making friends, learning signs and improving social skills. We are incredibly grateful to have such a trustworthy and loving environment to watch her and look forward to many years of working with Tabernacle.
Andrew and Nathalie Cairrikier