Parents' Corner-Patrick and Bonnie McMurray

 After years of praying for children, God blessed us overwhelmingly with Hunter, Jay, and Olivia. Hunter had already been adopted, but Jay and Olivia were still in foster care when we enrolled them all in Tabernacle. Throughout the process, Tabernacle supported our children by allowing visits with parents, social workers, and Guardian Ad Litems to take place at the school, which allowed them to stay in a safe and familiar environment without disrupting their days. They also provided a safe and secure facility that protected their privacy and worked with the state in meeting the requirements for their care.


Tabernacle has also supported our children by preparing them for learning. We have been most impressed by the many ways Tabernacle nurtures the minds of our children. Field trips and special activities with Ms. Hannah have nurtured curiosity, responsibility, and social skills; the schedules, songs, and seat work with Ms. Missy and Ms. Wafaa provide foundations for success in elementary school; and the structured play, sweet songs, outdoor play, and engaging activities with Ms. Dee and Ms. Debbie nourish the brain for future learning.


The greatest blessing we have experienced through Tabernacle is the relationships! Since day one, our children have felt connected to their teachers. They arenít just supervising adults; they are engaging, loving, and encouraging personalities who passionately and creatively teach our children. What makes Tabernacle special is that everyone at the school is involved. From Mr. Tony who walked us through enrollment and continues to support our family, to Ms. Renee and Ms. Virginia who welcome us daily, to Ms. Carol who keeps everything clean, to Ms. Rebecca who lovingly watches our children until we return-ALL of the support staff know, love, and support our children. The relationships we have built at Tabernacle are firmly etched in our hearts!


Tabernacle has truly been a blessing to our family! We feel connected to the school and our children! Instead of missing chunks of our childrenís lives while they are at school, Tabernacle supplies glimpses of their learning and growth through the Tadpole program. This program enables the teachers to share pictures, videos, stories, and activities so that we are able to maintain a connection to our precious children throughout the day!

Patrick and Bonnie McMurray

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