Parentsí Corner - Daniel and Michelle Hill

From a Mother: We were so thankful when God blessed our son, Jameson, with a full recovery from a birth complication. As a result of that blessing, we were left feeling even more keenly aware of the fragility of life and how precious our son was to us. So when it came time to choose a daycare, it was a decision we prayed over very seriously. As a mother, I feel very secure leaving my son in the care of Tabernacle's loving staff. They give daily updates on his activities through the Tadpole emails and even send me pictures of him throughout the day! Ms. Dee Dee gives me a strong sense that she truly cares about my son. Leaving him with her feels more like dropping him off at an aunt's house than a daycare! (Michelle Hill)

From a Father: New families have big changes and responsibilities that come at them seemingly overnight. As parents, we want to provide the best for our children and finding suitable childcare is always towards the top of the list. When Michelle and I began our quest for child care, we soon realized that finding a safe place that met the expectations we have for our child's care was a daunting task, especially when it came time to balance the budget. We were drawn to Tabernacle Learning Center because of the people we met who run its day to day operations. Adequate facilities and affordable prices are definitely a strong attribute for Tabernacle; however, the selling point was the feeling I got that the staff was truly interested in my family and our needs. When I leave Jameson at Tabernacle to go work, I feel like they take care of him as if he were their own child. Obviously, this makes all the difference in the world. The administration and staff of Tabernacle are its greatest asset. (Daniel Hill)

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