Parents' Corner-Daniel and Kendall Latham

As a parent looking at child care facilities for your child, a million thoughts run through your head:  Can I leave my child all day?  Will they treat my child like their own?  What really happens during the day?  What happens if my child gets hurt?  What will they teach my child?  The list goes on and on and on.  From our very first visit to Tabernacle, my husband and I knew we could put all of our worries behind us as each staff member treats our children like their very own.

When I think about the staff at Tabernacle, I think about how caring, thoughtful, loving, attentive, and  hardworking they are on a daily basis. The staff is constantly going above and beyond to ensure all the children and families feel welcome and part of the Tabernacle community. They provide parents with the latest updates through face-to-face interactions as well as real-time updates, photos and video using the Tadpoles app. As a parent who travels a considerable amount for work, Im able to see what activities my child participated in throughout the day, as well as  any health or dietary needs that may arise.

Another great aspect about Tabernacle is the curriculum. Throughout the day, there is time devoted to literacy, math, social and emotional development, as well as studying the Bible. The children are able to develop these various skills through a combination of whole group, small group activities and working with the teacher one-on-one.

Tabernacle has truly been a blessing to our family. Not only have I seen my children flourish academically, but Ive also seen them grow in their relationship with God and their sense of belonging to a community.

Daniel and Kendall Latham