Parents' Corner - Denise Kunkleman

A few months ago our family made the decision to make the move from the eastern part of North Carolina to Monroe. We had only been in our previous location for about 10 months so our son had been through many transitions in his first few years of life. We were very nervous about transitioning him again to a new environment and how he would react to a new child care provider. We took one afternoon to tour numerous child care centers.

From the moment we were greeted at Tabernacle Christian Childcare Center to leaving at the conclusion of our tour, we felt at home. In other tours Benjamin did not wish to interact with others or walk while we were taking our tour; we could tell he was not comfortable. When we arrived at Tabernacle, Benjamin instantly wanted to walk around and interact with the teachers and Mr. Tony. It was a wonderful experience. At the conclusion of our tour, Benjamin asked if he could stay. We knew that Tabernacle was the place for us!

Throughout our moves to North Carolina from Ohio, we were very concerned about how Benjamin would acclimate to his new surroundings. All of the staff at Tabernacle have been welcoming and played a huge part in Benjamin’s positive transition. Both of Benjamin’s teachers, Mrs. Debi and Ms. Sarah, have been such a blessing. It was very important to us that Benjamin be in a positive and loving environment while we are at work each day. Both Mrs. Debi and Ms. Sarah have gone above and beyond to provide exactly what we were looking for. Benjamin has a special place in his heart for Ms. Sarah and talks about her regularly. Every morning Benjamin is excited to go see Ms. Sarah and seeing how much he loves seeing her each morning warms our hearts.

We can tell that Benjamin’s experience at Tabernacle throughout the day is a positive and loving one. It was exactly what we were looking for! The “Tadpole’s” app on our phone was such a plus because my husband works out of town regularly. It provides such a peace of mind when we receive a picture throughout the day showing what a great time Benjamin is having. The daily report also allows us to talk to Benjamin about his day and be more involved in his daily activities even while working most of our day. Tabernacle Christian Child Care has been such a blessing to our family during our transition to the Monroe area. We are very thankful for all of the staff at Tabernacle!