Parents’ Corner - Dolph and Veronica Janis

 Last summer we were blessed with our little Samantha. Knowing that I would return to work during the fall, we started exploring the options of daycare for our daughter right away.  We had so many questions in regards to which of the many options would be best:

• A caregiver at home or a daycare?   

• Close to home or close to work?  

• Are all daycares the same?  

Questions kept flooding our minds, and the answer slowly became clear.  The best is what works for us and our specific needs (and desires of course).  Our needs and desires have been met and exceeded at Tabernacle Christian Childcare Center! From the moment I came to TCS, I felt it was the place we wanted our daughter to be while we were at work.  

Besides being highly recommended by a colleague, I had a great first impression. They were welcoming, genuinely interested in answering all my questions, and took the time to show me around and introduce me to Ms. Dee, the person that would first take care of our baby, and whom Samantha now absolutely adores!    I went home that day and shared my impressions with my husband and other family members that were visiting us at that time.

Our decision was easy, Tabernacle it is! Our experience has been very positive. We have always felt Samantha is in great hands while we are at work. We knew from day one that we could visit with her any time. We both have visited several times, and we have witnessed the wonderful care our baby is receiving. For us, it is important that she grows in a positive environment, that the place she is staying while we work is a continuation of the love and care she receives at home.  We believe that together we are forming our daughter's character and value system.

One great perk is that Samantha's room was one of the first rooms in which TCS implemented the "Tadpoles" system.  This program is the best thing ever for usfirst‐time parents because we want to know how our babies are doing throughout the day.  Not only do we receive daily reports that track her feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing schedule, but they send us photos of Samantha every day so we can see what she is actually doing. Those photos always brighten our days!  I wish we could share many of those here in this letter. They would make you smile for sure.  There is even a Tadpoles app for our smart phone.  With this app, we are able to go through the photos and videos that have been taken of Samantha since she has been at Tabernacle.  This only confirms what we initially said, “Tabernacle is the best place for us.”

We also like that she gets stimulated constantly through the activities they plan for the day including outdoor time on the buggy ride (Samantha's favorite), books, musical toys, tummy time, and many other activities.   More than anything, we like the harmony that surrounds our daughter at Tabernacle.  Every single person we know here is so sweet and always has smiles and cuddles for Samantha.  That is truly priceless. We look forward to the next stage at TCS, now that our baby is becoming a toddler!  

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