Parents' Corner- Kimberly Meggs

     In August of 2014 my husband and I made the decision to switch our son Holden from private daycare to Tabernacle Christian Childcare & Learning Center.  We both understood that a daycare with structure, and a strong curriculum would help Holden's development.  After the first week we knew we made the right choice!  Holden started with Mrs. Crystal and Mrs. Debi Blevins in the two-year-old class.  He did great!!

     When he turned 3 in December of 2014 we all thought he was ready to go to Miss Hannah's class, so we moved him up.  Quickly, Miss Hannah, myself and husband noticed that Holden wasn't being himself at school or home.  We tried it one more week then sat down to discuss the situation with Miss Hannah and Mr. Mangum.  They suggested exploring a couple different options.  Moving him back to the two year olds room, or for them to bring someone into the three-year-old room to help Holden one on one so he wasn't so overwhelmed with the change.  We decided to place him back in the two-year-old room and within a few days he was back to himself.  He recently started back in Miss Hannah's class and with the right timing Holden is doing amazing!!  We are extremely happy with every aspect of Tabernacle, and truly believe our son is attending the best school available.