Parents' Corner- Nikki Carpenter

    Tabernacle Learning Center truly lives up to its initials, TLC.  They provide children the most Tender, Loving Care and give parents a peace of mind knowing our little ones are in good hands each day.


   Our experience with TLC has been such a blessing.  The staff loves our little one as if she were their own.  The communication is like no other, always letting me know how my child is doing and sharing such kind words about her.  The staff is very hands on and teaching my little girl so much at even the earliest age.


   The Tadpoles feature has to be one of the most comforting and rewarding aspects of TLC.  To see pictures of my daughter throughout the day and to know how she has slept, ate and carried on throughout the day lets me know she is provided the best care and makes me feel as though I am part of her day and not, what seems like, forever away.


   I recommend TLC to any parent and especially new mommy’s and daddy’s, as I have been there myself and know just how it feels to leave your little one while you go about your day, working to provide for your family.

Nikki Carpenter

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