Parents' Corner-Rebecca Wagner

 My husband and I had a bad experience with a previous daycare, so needless to say we were a little weary about our son, Jax going to another daycare. We made an appointment to do a meet and greet along with a tour of Tabernacle. Tony and Sharon were so gracious as to stay late due to our schedules. Once we walked through the door, already we were impressed. Then we met Tony and Sharon. A husband and wife, who are amazing to say the least. They not only answered all our questions, but actually listened to us and gave us all the time in the world to be sure we were satisfied with all the information and had all our questions answered. While doing the tour, we could see that not only is Tabernacle a daycare, but a school as well. They read and do crafts, they help the children with their learning development. Which for working parents, this is something that we need help with. We need the ones taking care of our children to pick up where we cannot. As a result, we signed up that day. When my husband and I left Tabernacle, we both felt more at ease than we had previously. But Jax’s first day hadn’t come yet.

Jax started Tabernacle in April of this year at 13 months old. When I dropped him off, Sharon was so kind as to make sure everything went well with Jax and I. Sharon was also there to give me some reassurance and support. Sharon introduced me to Sheila, who is just the sweetest, warmest, and nurturing person you will ever meet. Sheila would also be taking care of Jax that day. Despite all of that, I was still a nervous mother with all these thoughts running through my head. I will admit that I did cry that day on the way to work. Then, I received my first picture. That made me cry again , but in a good way. I was able to see that he was doing perfectly fine. He looked so happy. As the pictures kept coming, my fears were more and more put at ease. He was playing with the other babies and just having a great time. This is definitely something that every parent wants and needs to see. The pictures are the best part of my working day.

Jax’s days at Tabernacle consist of reading, crafts, going on walks in the most amazing buggy EVER, playing outside, learning new things, and just plain ole fashioned fun with his friends. Not only has his social skills developed, but he has learned numerous new things, such as how to say “more” in sign language, saying and pointing out the color RED, connecting the animal sounds with the appropriate animal, and so much more. It is now to the point that Jax does not want to go home. Apparently, Tabernacle is way more fun than home! But unfortunately for Jax, Tabernacle does not offer babies to move in. :)

My husband and I cannot thank everyone at Tabernacle enough! All the staff there are excellent and truly love what they do. They are all very respectful, kind hearted, nurturing people. Aside from the excellent care our son receives, Tabernacle keeps communication open at all times. They are quick to solve an issues that arise. Tony is wonderful and checks in to make sure every parent and child are doing well. He highly recommends contacting him at any time with anything, no matter what the reason. He makes it very comfortable to go to him with any concerns or just to say hi. My husband and I highly recommend Tabernacle. We have the utmost trust in the care our son receives. Tabernacle is more than strangers taking care of our children, they’re family.

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