Parents’ Corner - Avery and Allison Harris

 My 6‐year‐old daughter requested that she go to ‘Church School.’  She said it would be better for her.  How could we refuse?”  That was the initial contact that Allison Harris had with Tabernacle Christian.  After only 4 months she gave the following testimony of the impact thatTabernacle has had on each of their children:    “God is very good! We are SO very blessed that we found your school. I absolutely LOVE what is being done and how you are doing it.  We adore Hannah and Mrs. Helms.  We have seen a wonderful change in Kai and Lalah's development.” We asked Mrs. Harris what influenced her the most to cause her to select Tabernacle.  She stated, “One of the attributes that we looked for was the proximity from our home to the school. Our home is only a few miles away from the school so it makes it very easy to get them to and from school with no issues. Another feature was the Bible being integrated with academics.  

Some of the other schools did the same thing, but we liked the fact that Tabernacle teachers are teaching from the King James Version.  In our opinion, that is the very best foundation for learning God’s Word. The last one was dealing with Kai.  We have been homeless, jobless, and had to move around to get jobs. It was hard on Kai, and she was acting out.  Every school we placed her in did not understand what she was going through.  Public schools are so crowded that she was getting lost and the teachers were getting impatient.  At Tabernacle we found a learning environment filled with love, compassion, and lots of patience. Kai and Lalah love TCS. They have been so happy with the teachers and the other children.  Kai made friends and is SO MUCH calmer than she has ever been anywhere else (for that accomplishment, we will be always grateful).  Lalah is a sponge with Hannah. Lalah adores her class and everyone in it. We love getting the Tadpoles at the end of the day...they are the best! Our children are what we live for.  I want to just THANK YOU all at TCS for helping us keep our children safe, spiritually grounded, and just plain happy.