Parents’ Corner - Chris and Anita Wallace

 In September of 2012, our family arrived at Tabernacle with much anxiety and excitement!  Our daughter Addison was beginning K‐5 while our son Blain still needed daycare services.   He first began his journey in Mrs. Sandra’s class.  Immediately, I could see the love that Mrs. Sandra had for all of the children! 

I had all the worries that most moms have about leaving one daycare and starting at a new one.  One of the owners from the previous daycare that my children attended said that just because it is a “church” daycare doesn’t mean it will be better.  I agree, but that is not the case with Tabernacle. 

Tabernacle Childcare workers show love and respect to all of the children.   They treat the children as if they are their very own.    Blain adjusted very well the first week and has made many new friends over the past few years.  He has fallen in love with all of his teachers.  

After leaving Mrs. Sandra’s class, he moved up to Mrs. Crystal’s class.  Mrs. Crystal was super as well!  Every morning, Blain had to love on and snuggle with Mrs. Crystal.  He is currently in Miss Hannah’s K‐3 class.  Blain says that Miss Hannah is his girlfriend!  Miss Hannah makes learning fun for the children and she does it on a level that the children will understand.  Blain has built a bond with all 3 of these special ladies.  He has hardly ever cried about me taking him to daycare and leaving him.  He is always eager to go in.  This assures me that he enjoys his time there very much!

Tabernacle strives to be the best daycare around!  “Tadpoles” is another wonderful feature that Tabernacle offers!  It is great to know that at the end of the day, we can check and see how our children behaved and what activities they were involved in without having to bother the teacher every day.  I am so thankful that this daycare does focus on God’s word (this is the most important feature of all)! 

I never worry about the safety of my children while my husband and I are working.  I think it is great that Tabernacle has installed the security feature that will only allow individuals to enter the school/daycare with a pass code.   I know our children are protected and loved by such a godly staff.   It comforts me knowing that my son and daughter can be at one school together.  The only regret that I have is not enrolling my children sooner at TCS!

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