Parents' Corner - Stevie Miller

    The beginning of this year I was going back to work for the first time in a long time and my husband was about to leave for a seven-month deployment with the US Navy. I was so scared to leave our daughter Riley somewhere that we weren't with her. Since putting her in Tabernacle daycare, I have not regretted one day.  

     Tabernacle is such a huge blessing to our lives, I could not be more thankful for such a safe, loving, and fun environment for Riley.   Every day that I drop her off she smiles ear to ear, and when I pick her up that smile has not left her face. She is learning more than I thought even possible at her age. She is so loved by all of her teachers and any time that she has even felt the least bit unwell, her teachers are quick to love on her and give me advice on how to make her feel better.

   Not only can I see the love and attention that Riley receives daily on the expressions of her face and in her attitude, but also through the Tadpoles app that I can check whenever I want throughout the day!  Riley being our first daughter, I was so nervous, but getting pictures of her several times a day and getting to see exactly what she is up to everyday has been one of the biggest burdens lifted off my shoulders. I can rest assured that ever day when I go to work that Riley is safe, loved and learning so much, we truly could not be more thankful.  

Stevie Miller