Discovering MORE of God's Magnificent Creation

Calling all kids ages 5-12.  This year our Summer Camp will start on May 30 at 9:00 sharp!  However, if your child cannot start until a later date, no worries. He or she may join this exciting adventure ANYTIME and still have loads of fun and wonder. 


To insure your childís summer involves both learning and fun, we are going to engage in a three-month study of Godís magnificent creation.  This will involve a general overview of the heavenly bodies (sun, stars, planets, etc.), nature (seasons, flowers, plants, etc.), animal life, and the human body.  This study will take place during class time.  This is designed to be an enjoyable and relaxed learning experience.


Each child will have the opportunity to use his own creativity during craft time to enable him to say, ďTHATíS MINE.Ē  The purpose of these projects will be to enhance what is being studied during class time.  There will be a couple of group crafts; however, individual tasks will enable each child to accomplish a task and be a part of the entire project.


We also plan to take several field trips.  The purpose of these trips will be to reinforce what has been taught in class throughout the week.  We will have these educational trips one to two times each month.  We will also take other fun trips to places such as Cane Creek Park, Extreme Play, and skating once a week that will simply be for the enjoyment of getting away from the everyday routine.


Registration:   $25 (this is for new applicants only)

Activity Fee:    $60 (K5 - 6 grade)

Cost:                $135 per week (current grade K5-6 grade [maximum age is 12])


We hope you will join us as we have an amazing time exploring Godís magnificent creation.

Miss Hannah

p.s. Although the camp will begin at 9:00 each morning, you are welcome to bring your children anytime after 6:30 a.m. for childcare.